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AHS Rescue

AHS Rescue AHS Rescue
Is your business in the rope rescue field or looking to get into it? Need to renew or upgrade your workers’ certifications? If so, look no further. AHS Rescue located in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona is here to help you! We offer many different training classes like our seven day artificial high directional workshop along with all required rope access gear and high angle rope rescue equipment for technical rescues. This is a hands-on class that teaches its students extensive knots training, pulley systems, and constructive frames. Also, AHS Rescue partners with the leading rigging school for teaching technical rope skills, Ropes That Rescue. Combined, we will outfit your workers and teams with the highest quality work-at-height equipment and also teach first responders necessary life saving techniques. Call us today to purchase your equipment or enroll in one of our nationally recognized courses.

AHS Rescue

3244 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85018

(602) 944-7723


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