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The Crafty Attic

The Crafty Attic The Crafty Attic
Have you ever wanted to paint your own piece of pottery? Do you think that your inner artist is perfect for making necklaces? If you never had the chance to make a piece of art, you can have that opportunity in the Crafty Attic Studio in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. You can walkin anytime you want and pick one of the projects, which include jewelry designing, clay handling and forming, glass fusion, pottery painting, mosaic, board and canvas painting, and wood projects. Next, you should design your piece and, if you are not sure how you would like it to look, you can consult one of our staff specialists. Finally, work on your masterpiece and, once it is done, you will get a souvenir to take home and a perfect décor for your room!

The Crafty Attic

8700 Emerald Dr unit 23, Emerald Isle, NC 28594

(252) 354-5005


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