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Bronx, NY 10469 646-630-8781 Mon-Fri 9 am - 6 pm All cc, cash Luxury Private Bus of New York built our reputation by upholding standards that we never compromise. We’ve been providing high-quality, reliable rental bus services throughout the NY region for decades and have no plans to stop doing what we do best: getting you to your destination in style. At Luxury Private Bus, we have raised the bar on what a private rental experience should be. We take pride in delivering every time and hope you’ll trust our team for your next private luxury charter bus rental outing. We are able to accommodate almost any rental need and often can serve parties on shorter notice than many of our competitors. We can be there with the bus you need no matter when you call. Let us take the hassle out of securing and renting one or more luxury private charter busses in the New York area.

Luxury Private Bus


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