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Amazon recommends all its users to keep their account secured by periodically changing their Prime account’s password. it's suggested to prevent the account from being hacked. If you, at any point, notice any unauthorized activity, contact the Amazon customer support team and report the activity. they will look into the matter and take the required measures. Also, you should change your Amazon account’s password immediately. How to change your Amazon password? Changing your Amazon Prime account’s password is going to be very simple for you. you only need to follow the settings below carefully. don't worry if you get stuck during the processor are unable to do it yourself. just call at Amazon’s customer support toll-free number for any help. you can change your Amazon account’s password from the laptop computer, computer, smartphone, tablet or any internet enabled device. it's although suggested to perform the actions from a laptop {computer|portable computer} or computer. Don’t worry if you do not have access to that currently. you can change your Prime account’s password from any internet enabled device. stay assured that your device is connected to a strong internet connection.

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