In album: SOLD 4962215 ’75 R90/6, Silver. 24 Ltr. Fuel Tank. 10 K Service, plus complete end to end Mechanical Rehab. Under 37,000 Miles.

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We received this beautiful 1975 R90/6 as a partially apart rolling chassis with drive train. The previous owner had started a rehab, bought lots of new rubber parts and Service parts, then got stalled out on the project. Everything was very clean, and well cared for, or new. We re-assembled the bike, and serviced everything along the way. We have just performed a BMW Recommended 10K Major Service, plus MUCH more! Rebuilt front forks, with new steering neck bearings. Touch up the frame paint. Install BMW recommended Ground Upgrade kit. Replace front and rear engine main seals, plus flywheel and oil pump orings. Remove clutch assembly, clean and inspect, and reassemble with fresh spline lube; all OK. Fuel tank and carburetors were cleaned, new original Continental braided cloth covered fuel lines, new carb to head rubber rings. Tires are new Bridgestone. Exhaust headers are original and in very good condition. Mufflers are MAC, for a throaty rumble without being loud. New original type plug wires were installed. All cables are in very good condition or new. Original style footpeg rubbers were installed. The aluminum is all clean and bright. The bike is near original as it came from the BMW factory, with the exceptions limited to the tire brand, mufflers, and hand grips. Instruments, controls, and switches are all in good condition and working properly. The engine starts easily, warms up quickly, and settles down to a smooth idle. The seat cover and foam are in good condition, the rear plastic trim has a crack, the metal pan is solid, but needs repainted (hopefully we’ll get to that soon). The tank has a small ding on each side, and another on the top between the fuel cap and steering stem. There is a tool tray, but no tool kit. The VIN numbers on the frame match the engine. A new battery will be installed when the bike is sold. The bike is fun and dependable to ride, and always attracts attention whenever you stop. We have a selection of Vintage to modern fairings and saddlebags that could be added if the next owner prefers; please inquire.

4962215 '76 R90-6, Silver 001

4962215 '76 R90-6, Silver 001 4962215 ’75 R90/6, Silver. 24 Ltr. Fuel Tank. 10 K Service, plus complete end to end Mechanical Rehab. Under 37,000 Miles.


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