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Office Fitouts Sydney

Office Fitouts Sydney City Build Co
City Build Co

316/61-67 Hall Street, Bondi, Sydney, NSW, Australia 2026
02 8880 0782

City Build Co are professional office fitout designers and builders based in Sydney. We do all kinds of commercial and medical fitouts for clients both big and small. Whether it is for a specialty dental clinic or a modern tech office, we have twenty years experience planning, designing and building.


Stan, on October 12, 2015

I bought some pictures that are signed by ( Neam Robmsa ) I would like to know what I have . They are all named under the picture. From what I can see without magnifying glass is they are of Pistburg Pa. can you please help me in this mater. I would love to know more about the artist I also bought some others that are signed by him, they are of San Francisco . Thank so much Stan

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