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Stage Lighting Equipment Supplier

West Babylon NY staging (631) 643-0707

West Babylon NY staging  (631) 643-0707 Bestek Lighting & Staging
Business Name: Bestek Lighting & Staging

Business Address: 98 Mahan St
West Babylon

Business Telephone#: (631) 643-0707

Business Website:

Business Google Plus:

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Operating Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Business Category: Stage Lighting Equipment Supplier, Party Equipment Rental Service, Event Planner

Business Description: Bestek provides a full range of nyc event lighting staging design project management and technical services for New York City events.

Bestek is a resource for event planners, meeting planners, public relations companies and producers who demand a high level of commitment and experience coupled with dependable service.Bestek is able to supply design, equipment, labor and solutions for any special event you can imagine. We have a full-time experienced staff of professionals and a warehouse full of equipment and shops to manufacture whatever you need, including lighting, staging, rigging and set design.

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