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At Crafted Cup Company, We have specialized in working with artists and smaller independent producers to source the best in hand crafted metal beer mugs, pilsners, steins, and tankards, all chosen meticulously to complement your handcrafted beer. Since all our beer mugs and tankards are handmade using only traditional techniques you will find them completely natural rather artificial, and a great complement to your collection. Visit our website to check out our wonderful range of ceramic beer mugs and pewter tankards that we have specially prepared for you… or email us your inquiry at

Metal Mugs | Vanguard Tankards

Metal Mugs | Vanguard Tankards The Crafted Cup Company Ltd
Unique metal beer mugs are a superb gift idea for a friend or family member who appreciates beautiful handmade goods, and we have some truly awesome metal mugs for sale today. They are practical, durable, they look great, and they keep your beer cool for far longer than glass. Our ceramic beer mugs are made from Stoneware in the USA by highly talented independent potters, and the subtle differences in the glazes from the hand decoration means that every one is an individual. Our metal mugs run from 16oz to 24 oz, and they’re all amazing. Check us out, you can buy your metal beer mug today!


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