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Workout without weights or ectomorphic ectomorphs men ( "weak"). NOTE: The routine itself is full body, more focused on the muscles of the top. At the end of each day there are exercises for the bottom. Although I always recommend working them all, it is your decision and responsibility if they decide to do, alpha fuel testo or if they decide to only work the upper limb, chest, back and abdominal region. Each day we decide to work the abdominals, they should do basic exercises that do not involve again the use of the upper limb, as in the case of abdominal hanging bar among others, because it can be counterproductive, in case you ectomorphs who want increase muscle volume.
First exercise: Pushups inflected. In the first image it shows the feet should be flat on something that is far above the ground. In the other image support shown known as diamond. You can do normal pushups inflected support, or with diamond support. Or make them with diamond support without decline, or with his feet on the same floor.


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