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Student Cleaners

3503 Richmond Rd Victoria, BC V8P4P7 Canada

A locally owned cleaning service, Student Cleaners caters to the individual needs of the Greater Victoria area. Our employees are all friendly, trustworthy, and hardworking students who are pursuing their passion through education.

Every day, Student Cleaners strives to do a little better than yesterday. We go to work knowing that we are providing an awesome service, and we’re making the world a bit cleaner.

We started off as just an idea in James Eccles’ mind: a company that hires only students, offering flexible scheduling. Being a student himself, James learned firsthand how difficult it was to find a job while studying full-time. That’s how the Student Cleaners was born, out of necessity and a passion for business.

From our inception, we have spent tireless hours perfecting our method of cleaning and creating a workplace that employees can be proud to be involved with. Our customers are met with personable staff, not just a faceless cleaning crew.

Our mission is to make your home brighter, make our community safer and our students happier.

Today we are proud to say we have serviced more than 700 homes and properties in the Greater Victoria Area. Every day, we get closer to our goal of being the premier cleaning company, one scrub at a time.

We support our community through give-back initiatives, volunteer work and contributions to charity.


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