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Lake Tahoe Vacation Rentals | CALL NOW:- 808-757-9

Lake Tahoe Vacation Rentals | CALL NOW:- 808-757-9 Picture Box
From late Spring to early Fall, the lake is popular for water sports and beach activities such as parasailing, jet ski rentals and eco-friendly paddle sport rentals. There are rental locations located around Lake Tahoe. Kayaking and stand up paddle boards have also become very popular. Boating is a primary activity in Tahoe in the summer. The lake is home to one of the most prestigious wooden boat shows in the country, the Lake Tahoe Concours d'Elegance, held every August. There are lake front restaurants all over the lake, most equipped with docks and buoys (See the restaurants section). There are all sorts of boating events, such as sailboat racing, firework shows over the lake, guided cruises, and more. As an interstate waterway, Lake Tahoe is subject to the United States Coast Guard. Lake Tahoe is home to Coast Guard Station Lake Tahoe. For more details visit us:- or Contact us:- 816 W Vine St ,South Lake Tahoe,CA and CALL NOW:- 808-757-9373


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