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phonemail12464270918, on July 26, 2016 online here offline waits
Is your book idea good? (Yes, I promise) companion talking device traveling places in many designs
helping computers
helping companies
helping studients
helping shops
helping project ideas
helping places
helping vacations
helping homestays
helping hotels

Is your book idea good? (Yes, I promise) Thanks for your message, but i have 13 book size idea project blueprints in the link are only exzamples, offline is keeped private as i am also willing to share the rolities of such a book size having many whatever you can workout let me know soonest thanks as well

i included some online links that wasn,t in my last reply email below but the offline ideas are still growing in size trying to get the best selling products if by chance you know anyone that can handle such a size of ideas i will share the proceeds okay

gooday and how are you doing and the purpose of this letter is to let you know i have 3 offline book size idea projects i did in my spare time but mostly in ones favour as well as online ideastolen on the internet used only for exzamples:

these tickets builds your country 1million after 100million reaches 50million for 50payed visitors draws visitorsales with over 150million is profits

I give you a "gifticket" of any favoured ideas you would like to see....
i ,m trying to locate certain places in your country that shows interest in many idea projects through newspaper classifieds can you help me out helping your economy with the right kinds of profitable ideas once seen....

Best reguard
A M C Lynch
york house
golf club road
christ church
west indies

Remember i have your kind of newiest projects the ones you like to see saved onto a flash drive, so the first visitor that sends for it, i will deliver it to you. these are the kinds in your thoughts the very ones you seek when doing business take one project form limited time favoured ideas share a billion $ business $250,000 take one idea form 13idea books gives alot in $$$$ Quality for Quality ideas what,s the secret of ideas 2 what,s the secret of ideas postmail and email delivery country ideas for business listed ideas windows files book surf links referial earn money right ideas American postmailettter studient ideas projectsales thumbs up postmailetter sign up surf links no added sites earn money ideas listed think of yourself 13 idea books school money idea team work profitable dating tickets school tickets for all ages Tv remote ads pockets in shoes 1 year from now grand canon ideas holiday businessales share your business thinking hard for ideas pilot idea controls ideas for age friendly missionary visitor commitments new missionary visitor commitments postmailotto letters selling new cars postmail ideas choice of 13 book ideas postmail address ideas school 1 apple a day ideas new and better share lotto idea project caheshop decision to try food teasters for cash glowing flag for visitors

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