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Listen Moi jai 16 years and I am a girl so beauty stuff I know myself pretty well!
Jai a mask that you can make yourself even with organic product.
It will give you a beautiful complexion color, you the . hydrate and finally enlvera any imperfections
you will need:
- from applesauce (preferably organic)
- sugar (not sugar ice Mdr)
- from the olive oil you put in a bowl of soup has about 2cuillieres apple comote and 2 sugar. Then you add the olive oil for about half a ladle and a café. Melange and the whole mass to your skin than sugar gum the impurtés of your skin. Leave about 5 to 6 minutes on the applied surface, then rinse with warm water. Hydrate your skin with a cream not too oily (for me this is mixa bio) You'll see it's great, do it about once or twice a week. Kisses = D


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