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A makes a tonic for your skin, the secret of a cosmetologist. Secret Technique applying the cream, which is used by beauticians, allowing to halve wrinkles. What you need to pay special attention to the care of the skin, if you are over 25 years old. What is a mandatory component to be present in your cream, if you always want to look younger than their years. What should be done twice to the active ingredients .


And many many others. Secondly, we have prepared for each age individual systems skincare. The system takes into account the age le derme luxe and condition of the skin. We talk about the tools and show how to apply them correctly. Full annual skin care includes basic and additional treatments, their - for each age group. For best results, additional treatments are distributed monthly throughout the year. Witnesses efficiency of our care systems will be women who you will see. As a result of viewing a woman begins to realize that with the help of a systematic skin care can look 10-15 years younger. We prove this by the example of other well-groomed women .


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