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Lumify X9 Both the mobile phones have used 5.0 mega-pixel camera with resolution of 2592 X 1944 pixels for clicking high quality images. Autofocus feature recently been given you employ two devices which enables the camera to adjust lenses very popular object orientation, thus, makes a person to click images immediately. Face and smile detection feature has been added to improve the performance of the camera. The LED Flash Light one more provided in Omnia and S8000 to click images in darker places and in the overnight time. Wide dynamic range is inside these two mobile phones to helps it be more worthy.


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Lumify X9 If the flash fired at the beginning of the exposure (first curtain sync) then all the motion trails would remain in front with the object that would appear like it was rapidly moving backwards. Using second curtain sync means the flash fires right at the end of the exposure and the motion trails will all be going inside right oversight. It takes a bit of one's energy to built a shot like this, but dwi it right, the results can be spectacular.


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