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My hair without shampooVery important: I know, I know. The idea of leaving the shampoo gives a little scary. Follinique Reviews Me too scared me for a long time and postpones the time to throw. When I finally did, I regretted not having dared before. If you want to try, give at least 3 or 4 weeks before leaving. Virtually all negative opinions about this method say something like, "I tried for three days and hated." Do not be that person. Even more important: If you are not familiar with the principles of the Paleo / Weston Price / Ancestral nutrition, you must understand that these are the basis of any body care. I share these recommendations with the intention that apply on the foundations of a healthy diet (presented here and here ). Nutritional deficiencies and poor digestive function are responsible for hormonal imbalances, acne and other skin problems, quality of hair and body odor, among other things. The quality of our food affects Follinique Reviews the operation of each of our bodily processes.


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