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Lumella Eye Serum at work: Know more about the working! Lumella Eye Serum smooth, gentle and light weight skin care cream is a clinically proven way to repair the skin around the eyes and the facial skin as well. With the use of Lumella Eye Serum injection free formula, you will receive a number of features that enhance the overall look of the skin. Lumella Eye Serum treats the skin around your eyes, which might have damaged because of lack of minerals and vitamins, stress, pollution, environment and many others.While using it, Lumella Eye Serum product removes the dead skin cells so that you can see your skin glowing, shiny and looking natural. Lumella Eye Serum skin care cream eliminates the tiredness from the skin, making it active and fresh for a long time. By boosting the collagen and elastin production, it enhances the skin’s firmness and elasticity. On the overall, this effective skin care serum gives attractiveness to your eyes. The elegance of the skin will be back, with the regular use of this product that is all natural and effective. Understand the role of each ingredient present in the Lumella Eye Serum!Witch Hazel extract is used to hydrate the skin completely, while giving a moisturization effect to the skin. Moreover, this ingredient boosts the tightness of pores, which enhances the tones of the skin.Matrixyl 3000 are a form of peptides, which are responsible to activate the skin cells. They also regulate the interaction with their receptors. These small proteins eliminate wrinkles and other aging signs from the skin, while increasing the smoothness of the facial skin.Haloxyl gives a new look by eliminating the dullness and fatigue from the skin. By decreasing the dark circles around your eyes, Lumella Eye Serum enhances your overall look, giving freshness to your skin.Eyeliss removes the swelling or puffiness from your eyes. It is a major substance in this cream, which is responsible to decrease the eye puffiness.Chamomile Recutita extract is an extract of a powerful plant, which is used to enhance the softness in the skin. This substance heals the skin from inside so that you can get an enhanced skin from outside.Dimethicone is a potent moisturizer present in this cream. It protects your skin from UV rays. Containing the fruit extracts as well as natural antioxidants, this ingredient is used to fight with the aging signs without any hassle.




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