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night the muscles, it is important to nurture throughout the day and equally important is nourished muscles before the p Cianix eriod of fasting - most precisely bedtime. The body needs amino acids 24 hours a day, otherwise it may cause breakdown of muscle tissue. Therefore, it is important to administer nutrients throughout the day (even night) to prevent degradation of


muscle mass. If your goal is to build muscle faster, have a bedtime casein protein. Casein is unlike whey slowly digestible Cianix
amino acids will therefore enter the bloodstream absorb throughout the night. And finally? Summarizing out all 8 closing points. - Consume enough calories during the day - during the day will focus more on slow digestible carbohydrates - consume a balanced amount of healthy fats - proteins divide it into multiple doses throughout the day - before and after workouts dial quickly digestible carbohydrates - eat plenty of fruits and vegetables - receive enough fiber in your diet - eat before bedtime slowly digestible


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