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The center tend to work best

The center tend to work best Picture Box
The center tend to work best in creating heart shaped booty for anybody. Pockets placed slightly higher on the tosh tend to make a flat booty look perkier and higher. Flap, or cargo pockets, also adds some oomph to a small tosh. Long pockets that pass the bottom of the tosh are fantastic for shaping and lifting an ample booty. Avoid excess fading on the butt and the thighs, as they will make these areas look larger. Also pay attention to a lot of whickering around the zipper area, which can also accentuate the hips. When considering rise, most women will be best served by a mid rise (a few inches below your belly button). When choosing the right pair of plus size denim know your body type first and foremost, it is the basis of your search. Know which styles will work with your type and most importantly, what makes you feel fabulous. Building muscle fast isn't something most women look for when trying to get their "dream" body.


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