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Junk Removal Philadelphia Kings

Do you live in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area? Need a junk removal and hauling service? Have you been burned before by junk removal companies with limited services? Then come up to the professionals and have it done right! Junk Removal Philadelphia Kings is professional and cost effective; we will also handle any type of items, regardless of size and weight, with no limits. Some companies will take your junk to the dumpsite without taking further action—with Junk Removal Philadelphia Kings, you can rest assured that your recyclable items will be recycled properly! Call us today at 267-202-7798 to discuss removal options with a member of our experienced staff. You can even get a FREE cost estimate of your hauling job by visiting our site here at! Let Junk Removal Philadelphia Kings take care of all of YOUR hauling needs! _
Junk Removal Philadelphia Kings _
3513 Fitler St, Philadelphia, PA 19114 _
(267) 202-7798 _


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