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Most people try to obey the law. But people make mistakes and if you or a loved one has been arrested for a crime, then you need to have F. T. Sessoms as your lawyer. Any arrest is stressful; it is embarrassing and clients are often confused about what they should do because, “it has never happened” to them before. Well, F. T. Sessoms knows how to defend these cases and protect your rights that are now at risk. F.T. Sessoms investigates every case to build a solid and strategic defense and then he educates his clients so they understand and appreciate the options available to them. Every client deserves accurate information so that they can make informed decisions in the proceedings they face. And F.T. Sessoms is always willing to answer any questions his clients may have about their case.

F.T. Sessoms Minnesota DWI Lawyer

331 2nd Ave S #840, Minneapolis, MN 55401

(612) 344-1505


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