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EZ Staten Island Landscaping

EZ Staten Island Landscaping EZ Staten Island Landscaping
Do you have aging loved ones that want to take care of the lawn or garden, but just can't due to their age? Or maybe you are constantly traveling for your work and the yard just isn't a priority like you would like it to be. If either of these situations sound like you, contact our office today for a free, written quote. We offer specialized services like estate management and weekly packages to make sure your landscaping needs are met. Are you desperately trying to clean up after a major storm, but just can't seem to handle the work? Call us! We are happy to offer our storm clean up services. We also offer general landscaping like mowing the lawn, planting or transplanting plants, designing gardens and any other needs you might have. Our staff are insured and some of the best trained employees around! Call now for your quote!

EZ Staten Island Landscaping

94 Finlay St, Staten Island, NY 10307

(347) 997-1129


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