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Tree Swing Store

Tree Swing Store Tree Swing Store
Swings just aren’t for kids! At Tree Swing Store, we remember the fun times swinging for hours and just relaxing on a beautiful day outside. Which is why our family has made it our mission to help adults who have forgotten these carefree days remember the joy they used to feel. Our adult swings are durable and can be hung from almost any mature tree. We have two style options for swings the traditional rectangle and a disc swing that allows for more movement side to side. Simply select which model works best for you, and one of our many color options, and you will be enjoying the outdoors once more. Our line of swings is handcrafted in Provo, UT by us. We take pride in each swing ensuring the highest quality.

Tree Swing Store

1983 w 540 s, Provo, UT 84601

(858) 779-4647


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