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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my photos stay online?

Pictures stay online as long as you keep using PicturePush. After your account expired we will save the photos for one more month. This policy exists to dedicate our resources to our actual users. For anonymous upload, we currently do not delete photos.

What can I upload?

The most important thing is that all photo's and movies are allowed to be published online. Therefore you cannot upload files with illegal content or files which you do not own the publishing rights for.

Furtheremore we ask you to keep private things private. We do not allow offensive, erotic or adult material in public albums.

How much can I upload?

This depends on the subscription plan. We currently offer plans starting at 5GB up to 80GB.

Why can't I upload anymore?

It's possible that you encounter our new policy to only allow upload on paid accounts. Please read our letter regarding this change.

I already have a pro account, will I need to pay the new price?

If you renew your pro-account before it expires, you will be keep the original conditions and pricing you agreed to. This should go automatically, if it does not, please contact the helpdesk.

How do I keep pictures and/or albums private or for friends?

You can keep pictures private by placing them in a private album or marking the picture itself as private.
A private album can be created by checking the 'private' option when creating the album or by going to an existing album and clicking on the green/orange/red eye icon. A popup will open where you can select the 'private' option, now click 'Save!' to store this change.
To make a single picture private you click the picture. Now you can see the item 'Access rights' in the 'Image info' section. You can click the current access level to change it. A popup will open, you can select the 'private' option and then click 'Save!' to store the change.

What do those green, orange and red icons mean?

These icons indicate the access rights of the corresponding picture/album. You can click them to change the access rights.

- Public - viewable by everyone
- Friends - only your friends can see this
- Private - you are the only one

What are 'friends' ?

Users you add as a friend can see more then other users. If you for example mark an album or a picture as 'only for friends' then only you and your selected friends can see these. Users who add you as their friend cannot see these things unless you actually add them as your friend. Therefore users can never see these albums for friends without your approval.

How can I delete an album or picture?

To delete an album, go to that album, click the Edit icon and then 'delete'.

To delete an image you can click 'Delete' below the image OR you can check the boxes of the desired image thumbnails, a menu will apear on the the top. Choose 'delete' and click OK.

Can I download the pictures?

Yes, you can. There is a [download] link right next to each image. You can also download all images in an album at once if it is your own album. For this, you need to set up Webfolders/WebDAV. This will give you a folder view of the PicturePush albums and you can copy from there. To set up Webfolders/WebDAV look at the description in our tools section.

Do friends that I invite have to sign up?

After you invite them they will get a mail with a link to a page where they are asked to either sign up or take a so called 'guest pass' this will allow them to view your for-friends albums without signing up. Pro-members can also password protect an album to completely avoid the invitation process and grant access to specific albums.

How can I change the order of my pictures?

Click on the Edit icon next to the album name and then on 'Picture Sorting'. A new window will appear. This will give you several options to sort the photos in your album.

Can I use multiple accounts?

Maybe. Our policy is that you are allowed to use multiple accounts, IF they serve different purposes. For example you can create a personal account and one for your football club. However, you can not create multiple accounts just to avoid our upload limitations. We will remove these without notice.

How can others order prints of my photos?

First, you need to enable others to print your photos. Go to your profile/preferences. (top menu) At the bottom set 'Allow Photo Printing' to Public and save the changes. Now visitors of your photos will be able to order prints with the 'Add Print to Cart' button on the bottom right of each photo.

How do I choose the album cover images on the index page?

By default the newest image is shown for each album. You can change this default by going to the desired cover image and click 'Set As Cover' in the right side menu.

Can I hide the comment option?

If you are an upgraded member you can go to your profile and set whether the comments are visible just to you (private), only friends or everyone (public). To do so change the option named 'Allow Comments' and click 'save'.

How do I delete my account?

First log in using your account. Then click on 'Profile' in the top bar. In the left column it will show a button to delete your account.

It does not work!

Do you have problems, questions or suggestions? You can allways send them to We will try to respond as quickly as possible. Or visit our forum.