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Brookside Treatment

Brookside Treatment Brookside Treatment

At Brookside Treatment, we’ve helped thousands of individuals overcome their struggle with substance abuse. When you become part of our community, a support network wraps its arms around you to provide the guidance and care you need.

Everyone experiences addiction uniquely and needs varying levels of care. Whether you require detoxification and inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab, we offer a safe, comfortable place for you to get on the road to recovery. Our locations in Pikeville, Harlan, and Prestonsburg, Kentucky, are the ideal spaces to hit the reset button and make a fresh start, free from drugs and alcohol.

Substance abuse and drug addiction are complex issues. For many, drug or alcohol addiction is a chronic struggle, and relapses occur even after long periods of sobriety. Some people might be able to break a cycle of addiction on their own, but many will fare much better after seeking treatment of some kind. As no two people have identical addiction issues, addiction treatment approaches come in many forms. Successful treatment needs to address a number of issues that have been disrupted in the patient’s life.


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