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Lisle chiropractor

Lisle chiropractor Picture Box
Victory Rehab

"It is not just about the treatment - it's about reaching that goal, putting you back on the path to recovery and healthy living. It is guiding you to the victory we each strive for in our daily, healthy lives.

Victory Rehab is a chiropractic and rehabilitation clinic that specializes in muscle and joint conditions of the spine and extremities by offering the latest in:

Chiropractic Care
Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy
Specialized Soft Tissue Techniques
We treat these issues:
Neck, Mid-back, & Low-back pain & dysfunction
Shoulder pain/ rotator cuff dysfunction
Hip pain
Knee Pain
Foot and ankle pain including Plantar Fasciitis
Arthritis & degenerative disc disease
TMJ dysfunction
Shin Splints
Elbow & wrist pain including ""tennis elbow""
Chronic Fatigue
And more...


Established in 2013.

Our state-of-the-art. medical facility is located in the heart of Naperville and features the latest equipment to support outstanding treatment. Victory Rehab is located in the 1300 professional building on Iroquois Ave right off of Ogden in suite #270. Come by for a tour today!"


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