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Woodway Wellness 4801 Woodway Dr Houston, TX 77056 713-622-2225

Low Back Pain Treatment Houston - Woodway Wellness "I first came to Dr. Smedstad about 15 years ago and I had lower back problems. He gave me a few treatments and recommended a neurosurgeon. He said we can't help you and you need (so-and-so). So I researched the neurosurgeon and I had the surgery. And I thought my gosh, this chiropractic doctor is honest. And so I decided I would stay with him. Many years later I had severe muscle spasms in my neck and had to go to the emergency hospital a couple of times during the night. I could not move my neck, I couldn't do this, I couldn't do that. Dr. Smedstad said it's the weight of your head on your neck and I'll be glad to put you on a traction device. Boom, boom, boom and no pain. I'm healthy and I love it and I'm a regular at Dr. Smedstad's."

Harry Sheppard provides a testimonial as to how he was helped by Houston chiropractor Dr. Terry Smedstad at Woodway Wellness.

Woodway Wellness
4801 Woodway Dr
Houston, TX 77056


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