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property valuers perth

Direct Property Valuations

Dianella 4 Byers Ln Perth, WA 6059 Australia
(08) 9275 1944

Direct Property Valuations has been providing home valuations that can be trusted since the company was formed nearly 20 years ago. Helping clients to navigate the tricky waters of buying or selling real estate is DPV's specialty.

Whether you are buying or selling property in Western Australia, the competent staff members at Direct Property Valuations are ready to assist. Knowing the true property and land valuation Perth is something that should not be left to chance. You can take the guesswork out of this process by utilizing the knowledge and experience of Direct Property Valuations and thus ensure that you are well equipped and informed before you buy or sell property.

Because we adheres strictly to the standards of the Australian Property Institute, as licensed valuers Perth, you will be placing your trust in the hands of professionals able to provide the needed guidance in making an informed decision.


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