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Dog Tag Tours is a leading tour operator provides military, historical WWII battlefield expeditions to Western Europe, the UK and Vietnam.

WWII Italy Tour

WWII Italy Tour Dog Tag Tours
Want to explore or revisit Italy’s World War II history? The professional travel consultants and historians at Dog Tag Tours have expert knowledge that will put you on the landing beaches of Sicily, the bunkers at Ponte Dirillo Bridge and the small outcropping of rocks at San Pietro Infine and Hill 424. You’ll enjoy an immersive historical expedition. Our well planned Italian Campaign Tour, led by a United States Veteran, will provide unique insight of battle, beyond the heart of the American soldier…. Study the coastline and mountain passes of Sicily, the Rapido River Valley, the rugged terrain of the Gustav Line and the towering Abbey of Monte Cassino. You will enjoy three and four star tourist class accommodation, food and transportation that will enhance your travel experience. For more information, please send an email today to


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