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The decreasing strength of the collagen layer in combination with the reduction of the skin elasticity ensures that can cause wrinkles that the skin is less taut and as it were is wearing out The dog changed recently feed Has anything changed recently in what he she eats New cookies bought new chewable materials The effect of the radio frequency antiaging treatment The effectiveness of solar products especially the protection against UVA rays decreases rapidly as they age Buying prefer smaller bottles that you replace often Skin care during the transition is important That's why we give you in this article many tips on how to care then extra care your skin Important in the care of your skin is so much limited potential negative influences Think of the sun and eating sugary foods


The elastin and collagen production decreases the skin becomes less resilient and less firm Wrinkles occur
The essential fatty acids necessary to have an optimal healthy skin are omega and omega fatty acids
The facial skin
The fatty layer of sebum creates pimples and or blackheads Between your twelfth and nineteenth year these pimples and blackheads the worst That's because you are creating the most sebum Of course there are sufficient resources to reduce watch your diet low alcohol low caffeine stop smoking and vermeiden of food containing iodine eg shellfish But this is not always sufficient it may be that the pimples and blackheads appear any other reason Think of stress or hormonal fluctuations
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