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Internal 911 Reviews

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sauce, join 2tbsp Greek yogurt with a squeeze of mustard powder and a press of lemon juice. Poach two eggs and toast a wholegrain biscuit, then cut down the middle. Spoon the sauce on the biscuit. Top with the poached eggs and steamed spinach. LUNCH Salmon serving of mixed greens Join 100g watercress, 2 cuts of smoked salmon attacked strips, 1 little ground carrot, 30g ground cucumber, 1 generally slashed celery stick, ½ yellow pepper cut into solid shapes. Dress with the juice of ½ lemon and present with 1tbsp guacamole. Supper Pea and mint soup Convey 200ml vegetable stock to the bubble. Include 1 generally slashed onion, 1 cleaved garlic clove, 1 finely diced celery stick, ½ little sweet potato cut into blocks, 2tbsp generally slashed mint, 30ml coconut milk. Include 200g solidified peas once the sweet potato is delicate and after that liquidize until smooth. SNACKS The Ultimate Detox Foods Article.


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