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does not replace good oral hygiene at home with good oral health Flossing and Ragers and toothpick is essential for maintaining healthy teeth. Blizzard White Fluoride treatment: To make the structure to strengthen your teeth, a dentist or dental hygienist can from us a special, high concentration of fluoride on your teeth. The fluoride gel is applied either directly, or placed in a special holder on the teeth for a few minutes. Although the fluoride only a few minutes is in contact with the teeth, there still remains a long time afterwards, an increased concentration of fluoride in the mouth. What are Dental Sealants and fluoride varnish? Dental Sealants: A seal is applied by a dentist or dental hygienist on the chewing surfaces of the
protection for the chewing surfaces of the molars, but fluoride varnish helps to protect all surfaces of all teeth. Fluoride varnish usually contains a very Blizzard White
high concentration of fluoride, but there is only a small amount of use. The applied fluoride varnish remains for hours separating fluoride. Fluoride varnish is used in children to prevent tooth decay, and prevent adults to tooth decay or tooth sensitivity. The dentist or hygienist will dry the tooth and then put the paint with a small brush or a special device. Some types of fluoride varnishes are slightly tinted to make them easier, but the color fades as the release of active substances. The paint dries quickly and you can see the rest of the day continue your normal


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