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Degs & Sal is a self-started luxury brand specializing in men's designer jewelry. Based in New York, we feature tons of luxurious, unique and custom jewelry designs featured in both gold and silver finishes. Created in the heart of Italy, our designer jewelry provides you with an air of stature and finesse. Our brand offers tons of selections featuring different pendant designs like skull, washer, anchor, coin and more. Our designs come in all forms of jewelry including: necklaces, rings, bracelets and cuffs. You also have your choice of bands. You can choose between lava stone, tiger eye, beaded, leather and more. With tons of styles and combinations to choose from, we know you'll find your perfect style.

Degs and Sal: Men's Designer Jewelry NYC

Degs and Sal: Men's Designer Jewelry NYC Degs & Sal
gold skull bracelet
nautical bracelet
flat top ring
tiger eye bracelet
lava stone bracelet
gold anchor bracelet
skull bracelet
men's jewelry nyc


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