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IT staffing

IT staffing PeopleToGo

+1 (877) 477-5864 or 905-940-9292

In 2000, PeopleToGo was founded to provide the IT industry with a reliable, sustainable, and quality on-demand national resourcing solution to bridge the gap between supply and demand in Canada.

PeopleToGo’s mission is to help companies drive successful business outcomes by increasing operational excellence, user experience, customer satisfaction, and organizational growth by leveraging the right technology resources at the right time, in the right place(s), and at the right price (hourly or fixed rate).

PeopleToGo is a leading Canadian technology staffing and services company providing skilled IT resources, services, and solutions to companies of all sizes. By utilizing a collaborative and consultative approach to understand each company’s unique business challenges, PeopleToGo helps align the right IT resources to help them achieve their desired business outcomes.


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